Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

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Have you seen an abundance of daffodil-coloured bake sales popping up in the months of May and June? The cheery bright colours vaguely reminiscent of Emojis don’t quite seem to match the browns and reds of autumn particularly well. Ever wondered what they were for?


The Cancer Council is an established NGO that works closely with national and international cancer organisations, as well as the Australian Government’s Cancer Australia, providing evidence-based advice to relevant parties. Playing a significant role in cancer research and funding, as well as advocating for improved cancer control policies, they have numerous fundraising initiatives, organised by the community: the Biggest Morning Tea is one such event.

The Biggest Morning Tea is an annual charity event conducted to raise funds for the Cancer Council. It can be anything from a bake sale, to a barbeque, or even a fancy ol’ tea party with top hat and all, bedecked in sunny, bright yellows of the daffodil’s petals. Bright yellow: a symbol of hope. Organised by members of the community, the Biggest Morning Tea simultaneously supports the Cancer Council whilst offering food– and who doesn’t love food?

And thus, as the “Community” and Wellbeing committee, the C&W organised our own Biggest Morning Tea on the 27th of May, 2016, plonked down right in front of 27 Rainforest/Building 15/that one tute building. Three days right before Swot Vac, a week before exams– all the better to feed hungry stomachs and brains.

The event was a success, raising $175 all towards this crucially important cause. We would like to extend a huge thank you to Baker’s Delight, who donated a massive range of bakery goods for our morning tea; and to those of you who baked for us, who helped out on the day, and who purchased food or made a donation!



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