R U OK? Day

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Last Thursday September 8 marked R U OK? Day, where we all took a step back to check in with the people around us, and make sure they’re coping with all the stresses that life can bring.

At the Clayton Campus, C&W joined the initiatives of many other student clubs and societies, hosting a barbecue on the lawns with student musical talent on show.


The R U OK Day Dandenong Celebration was a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of mental health, and allow the cohort of students at Dandenong the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves.

We had some great food at the common room party, namely some cool rainbow jelly, quinoa salad and finger food! It was a nice, cosy chill out session.

Our Social Badminton session afterwards was a fantastic opportunity for all of us to finally stretch our legs out from somewhere other than behind a desk and become tachycardic (but the good kind). It was fun to see our friends in action with their badminton racquets.

Overall, the R U OK Day celebration was a really enjoyable day for all of us here at Dandenong!

Dandenong 6.jpg

At Latrobe Regional Hospital, C&W collaborated with Traralgon site representatives to provide the ultimate feel-good feast and a talk by an esteemed Psychiatric Registrar, Dr Lionel Leong. The talk was attended by students from Year 2 all the way to Year 5, with everyone asking each other the all-important question that could save a life: ‘Are you okay?’

Traralgon 5.jpg


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