World Family Doctor Day

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Happy ‘World Family Doctor Day’!

This day is an initiative of the World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA) which represents 126 organisations, one of which is the RACGP. This day serves to recognize the important work carried out by GPs worldwide.

GPs are the driving force behind a healthy Australia. They are experts in prevention, diagnosis and management of complex conditions and are the centre of the healthcare system. GPs are often the first port of call and are the providers of continuity of care. They have to wear many hats to successfully fulfill their role and for that, we should all be very grateful.

Here’s how to celebrate World Family Doctor Day

1.) If you don’t have one, find yourself a GP!

2.) Follow the hashtag #IchoseGP to see why current GPs chose it as their specialty

3.) Consider a fulfilling career as a GP!

Smiling Mind

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Smiling Mind is a modern mindfulness meditation website and free app for young people. It’s meditation made easy! It was developed by a team of psychologists with expertise in youth and adolescent therapy, mindfulness meditation and web-based wellness programs. The programs are designed to incorporate easily into the daily life of young people. Age-specific programs outline the key aspects of mindfulness meditation in the form of guided meditations with the objective of managing stress and increasing resilience. You can practice the programs anywhere and anytime. Even as little as five minutes per day could have your mind feeling clearer and calmer! Give it a try! Download it free from the app store or check out the Smiling Mind website.


C&W Events

And what a night it was!

The night was opened on the 4th of April, with MUMUS President Luigi launching the long awaited Get-A-GP Campaign 2.0 – based on the same-name campaign run by AMSA a few years ago. MUMUS C&W were super proud to be able to finally make this resource available, and hope that it will be continually updated through the years and remain a source of support for medical students!

What followed were some great talks by Headspace, A. Prof Clearihan – Associate Dean of Professionalism, Dr Mulyadi – Department of General Practice and Rosie Latimer – C&W’s Mental Health Officer. They covered a range of things – from what causes stress, why medical students are prone to it, how to recognize in ourselves and others and various coping strategies and sources of support. The small-group setting allowed a lot of audience interaction, to produce a more discussion-y feel than lecture-y, which worked great for sharing anecdotes and experiences – proof that good things come in small packages!

The evening helped open up the ongoing conversation C&W wants to encourage this year about the issues we face with mental health and wellbeing, why we face them and what we can collectively do about it!