When Patients Die

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Having a patient die is something that is expected to happen to all medical students and junior doctors, but how are we supposed to cope when showing emotion can often be seen as a weakness in the hospital?

Our friends over at bloodbonesandbodies¬†examine what it’s like for medical students dealing with when patients pass away and preparing for when they will have to be , and ways we can try make it easier to cope with such a potentially disturbing, shocking experience, given the lack of education and awareness around the topic. See what they have to say over here.

Image courtesy of bloodbonesandbodies

Why don’t doctors talk about their mental health?

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A recent article in the Guardian really highlights the importance of mental health in the medical health profession. Why don’t doctors seek out help when they know too well the signs of mental health issues? Why don’t we try to help ourselves even though we are helping others?

Have a read through this article if you haven’t had the chance – it’ll get you thinking.